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Dear Madam:
Dear Sir:

We thank you for your interest in Nomade Transport’s space offering.
Please refer to the PDF document(s) hereunder to obtain information about our availabilities.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information – Thanks
Office: (450) 359-4612

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Our mission

To provide specialized and oversized transport solutions with a professional service and expertise in logistics that meets our clients’ expectations.

Our vision

Committed to being up-to-date with trucking solutions and dedicated to provide a wide range of professional services to keep pace with the high demands of our customers.

A word from the President

We are proud of the confidence that our ever-growing client base has placed in us for close to 30 years and continue to actively listen to your needs and remain accessible at all times to personally respond to your inquiries.

Michel Perron, President
Office: 450-359-4612
Cell: 514-809-5559

Our specialized flatbed and drop deck trucking solutions, regular or oversized loads, are available throughout Canada and the US.

We also provide shipping solutions by van across Canada and the US.

Our warehouse facilities and cross docking services are available on site at our head office located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Our dispatching department is made up of an operations manager, a dispatcher and a customs service clerk. Our courteous and professional staff can offer you the follow-up and support needed throughout the merchandise transport process from the point of origin of the pickup until it is delivered to its destination.

Nomade Transport also offers brokerage and logistics services to handle customs documents. Our staff is trained to process information and documents in a timely fashion in order not to slow down the process of verifying the description of the intactness of loads with a view to optimizing delivery times.

Training sessions, various government publications and recently-published articles on road and customs safety, bracing , or other standards pertaining to maintenance, log books, etc., allow our team of seasoned drivers to be up-to-date. Thanks to our GPS communication and tracking system, the dispatching department is able to track each unit in real time.

Our warehouse and cross docking personnel has the required certification to safely handle merchandise using forklifts.

Our administration and accounting department is there to answer any questions our clients may have regarding shipping and receiving documents, as well as invoicing.

To provide specialized and oversized transport solutions with a professional service and expertise in logistics that meets our clients’ expectations.

The company

The company, Nomade Transport was founded in 1984 and is located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It has broad expertise in specialized transportation of construction materials, raw materials, heavy-duty equipment, consumer goods and transportation of a wide range of machinery. Nomade Transport is your qualified partner for all your needs in flatbeds, drop decks or vans . We also offer our clients services such as cross-docking of cargo, storage, logistics and brokerage. Nomade Transport has the following certifications: C-TPAT and FAST, which are kept up-to-date in accordance with the conditions of regulations in effect.

It is paramount for Nomade Transport to maintain a fleet of high-tech trucks and trailers in order to offer transport services that are safe and meet the latest industry standards. Our trucks are equipped with global positioning systems.

Nomade Transport serves a varied clientele from coast to coast, including Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and Western Canada as well as international clients (Canada – US).

For your
trucking solutions
In Canada and throughout United States.

Nomade Transport provides efficient and reliable services.

Contact us
450 359-4612

705 rue Rossiter
J3B 8A4